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A Purple Christmas (Simple Wishes)

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Let’s have a Purple Christmas

No more red and blue

Sweet to see you greeting me

In Peace, as I greet you


Let’s have a Purple Christmas

Not just red and green

“All for one, and one for all”

Is all we have to mean


Let’s bring ourselves together

Now and thru the year

Eliminating suffering

Whene’re we dry a tear


Let’s make our Christmas wishes add…

Old Fashioned memories

Singing favorite carols

Round too-tinseled Christmas trees


And when the day has ended…

May it warm our souls

Letting the True Reason

Permeate our New Year’s goals


The holidays have meaning all on their own.  They often, anymore, get lost in all the commercial hustle and bustle, instead of being about family, when they can be.  But even without family, the true reasons for the celebrations still shine through.

Treating each other well is part of the spirit of the season.  Sometimes, we have to do things a different way from the traditional, but as long as we are doing what we can to make something better for someone else, and taking good care of ourselves, also, we can get through the holiday season.

Regardless of how you do or do not celebrate the holidays, I wish you Peace in this beautiful time of year.

Wishes for a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and a New Year that brings you contentment…


Poem “A Purple Christmas” first published on the Truthpathing.com website.

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