Starting point aside, the you of today, is important to all of us! | #PTSDchat

Starting point aside, the you of today, is important to all of us!

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Sunday, December 31, 2017, 1650 Hrs.



Parents: they upshoot their children, teaching them that they are important and that they are loved and that they are important in the world. At least, this is the job most parents should be doing for their children. But what happens is that there are a number of parents who do NOT do this for the children. These people are probably not deserving of becoming parents, but biologically the species needs to perpetuate itself, so anyone who is biologically capable, can reproduce.




Bad parents start children out on a bad pathway to self-esteem when they are not supportive and caring toward them, and too many cases are in play where this is the truth.

I know many adults who tell me of how bad they had it as children, but so many of them say that they don’t blame their parents, they say that they probably didn’t know any other way to do things. I disagree, but that is how opinions work, they don’t have to be perfect or even correct, but they should at least some basis in common sense.




I can only imagine the shock to a child’s system to be ensconced within the abusiveness of a neglectful relationship with his or her own parents. (Believe me, I don’t even like what I imagine!) I’ve seen the children of war, up close and all too personally, and to say that it is heartbreaking is so far understated, that I should be slapped for not coming up with a more appropriate adjective to describe its truest identity. Eating garbage, drinking from streams where they bathe and excrete bodily wastes. No commercial rehash, this is what my own eyes witnessed!




Who’s responsible for taking care of children hen there are no parents to do the job? Could it be all of us, does it take a world to assure the safety of children, because if it does then we need to start doing the job much better than in the past! I think that the best way to do this is for humans to refuse to fight wars for governments that are only interested in raising profits for arms dealers and line pockets with the hush money that they are paid to look the other way when misappropriations are taking place.



This one move would end the abuses of combat-related stress injuries and all other types of emotional issues which are created in a war zone. It would protect both children and adults from the ravages left behind by wars, that are never discussed once the armies go home. Miserable pain and hard work of rebuilding infrastructure and lives have to begin. PTSI is everywhere!



PTSI, who’s to blame for it? Is it the person who lives with it, or is it whatever or whoever caused the events that are the causes of the emotional injuries? Can we say that it is not a combination of the elements which actuates the injury process? Are children to blame for being helpless against abusive adults or activities that cause them emotional harm? How about those soldiers who have trained for war? How could they become distressed by that very thing they have trained to be a part of?



Treatment modalities, are the effective enough to say that they should be at least possibly so to a majority of those who are using them? Or are we really just spinning our wheels and making pharmaceutical companies who are not any more knowledgeable than a stray cat as to what causes the condition in the first place to say whether or not they can come up with a medication that can work? I use some of these meds, and I don’t feel better by any sense of the word (better).



Now, maybe it’s the time of the affected to become a lot more proactive in the treatment element of the process. Talking about how I feel can be helpful, but I still feel this way after I talk about it and that’s a problem I wish to rid myself of as soon as possible! I cannot be the only person who feels this way, so where are the masses who are affected? Why aren’t they here, taking a chance on themselves instead of relying on the historically ineffective treatments that have failed them for so long? Stigma!



Don’t confuse yourselves, stigmatizing one person can cause hesitations and stoppages in a person’s intended actions. We come here every week on Wednesday evening to talk and to share and to eliminate the shame that someone may be feeling about even admitting that they have an emotional condition that is hindering their life. This is an important addition for me, it makes me feel like instead of hiding my truth, I can at least admit it out loud, even if I isolate, even if I have become introverted. This is a huge step for me!



But what can we do for the person who hears the broadcasts and reads the tweets yet still feels so overcome by the intimidation of not knowing if they will be triggered? Leaving just one person a day behind, according to statistics, means that every 22-23 days, we will lose that many people to suicide. This is an atrocious figure, it is inhuman to believe that 22-23 a day is insignificant, I was almost one of those 22-23 and it would have devastated my family! There is no opening for anyone to be cavalier in regard to the possibilities of what can happen if we can’t motivate persons to commit to themselves.



I know it’s a difficult path to take, but honesty is the only answer to this situation. Professionals have to be honest and admit to us that they are not as confident in treatments as much as they are in the medications that they are told might have an effective result on the conditions. As well, those of us have to stop being afraid to say that the treatments we are trying are not as effective as they are expected to be. It should be alright, to tell the truth, we need real help, not assumed operative medications in place of a real search for results.



Maybe I sound less than enthusiastic about the process, but I am running out of the time that is available for me to either be helped, or offer help to anyone else, so I am a bit impatient about this. You’ll forgive me if I seem to be impatient, you’re not mistaken because I am. I think in some ways, we all are, and that’s just the normalcy of a person’s need to feel whole inside. I am of the mind that all persons want to feel autonomous in their individuality, but available to be unified into the whole of the human mass identity as well.



The task is one of a monumental size, but we are human beings, who have conquered the ravages of weather by creating mobilized habitats, we have overcome the power of gravity by achieving sustained flight, we have gone to other worlds, faced down deadly diseases, we can do this with emotional illnesses and injuries as well, it just takes the willingness to put in the hard work ahead of us, and I have confidence that we can and that we will do this. The elimination of abuse, emotionally traumatic exposure to explosive and dynamic assaultive expressions of altered human created input, it will all be a part of the process.

The success of our futures is dependent upon how we handle each person as an individual and not as a part of a blanket of generically described disordered people. What causes PTSI(D) and other emotional injuries and illnesses cannot be said to be a “one type of” deal, there are many values available to cause these conditions. But we’re here, and we care, and we’re working toward putting the word out that there is at least one place in the world where the individual and the opinion he or she carries, means a world of possibilities to a lot of other persons!



#PTSIWillRestOneday  #LetsStopTheLossesToEmotionalIllnessesNow


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