Frozen in the moment. An emotional bomb is in sight, will it explode? | #PTSDchat

Frozen in the moment. An emotional bomb is in sight, will it explode?

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Friday, January 5, 2018, 0130 Hrs.


We have a real situation playing itself out today, and it is a sort of catch-all and a catch-nothing, all at once. We are missing the big holes in the treatment aspects of emotional illnesses and injuries because so many people are not coming forward to speak about their incidents and their fears with the illness.

Somewhere right now, a person is contemplating the reason that they should see another sunset or a sunrise. This person is demoting their substantiation as a human being, based upon the chaotic influxes associated with a dynamically intrusive condition.




I want to be able to say something so prophetic and so healing, that no one who is affected by emotional illness will ever be again! Lessons have to not only be heard they have to be learned and so many of us don’t learn what is mot important. Money is important because it has been decided by those who own most of it, that it keeps us in our places. I served, and there were no fortunes added into my bank accounts. But those who own the hardware and the various contracts that bleed our country dry, get richer all of the time! While the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, merchant seamen and coast guardsmen get PTSI(D), maimed, tortured, killed. And the cycle will keep going until we as human beings decide no longer to participate in the games that they’ve made up for us to play.




Philosophically, I don’t have a real page to write on PTSI(D), but emotionally, I’d like to tell it to go to hell! Anger is not beyond my spectrum of responses, even though I do attempt to use other types to make my point.

Ascertaining the when and the where to do whatever it is I do in response to the attitude my mind has at any given moment has no identity beyond nor before its actual moment.

Philosophy in this case meaning a doctrine to offer for others to follow, and not the usual viewpoint definition of the word.




I know you! You are that person who has decided that it is easier to pretend that you no longer care about yourself. But the truth is, your anger belies the truth you are attempting to hide from the world. You are angry because your pain and your confusion interrupt your ability to focus on being important to yourself. We all have been here, and I can almost say with certainty that we will all at least a few more times, find ourselves in that place again. Don’t feel alone, because you’re not!




Has anyone here realized that emotional stresses can interrupt one’s ability to love or at least feel capable of the act? I mean love anyone, anybody, and anything. Children, companions, friends, self. Depression associated with other emotional ailments have so many steps to their ascension interconnections. We can’t expect to never make a misstep, no way to demand perfection because as much as we’d like to think otherwise, we’re not perfect, and can never be.




I was triggered by a woman who told me that I was the perfect man. She threw me for a loop when she said this, she took me on a surprise trip up a rollercoaster that was higher than Mount Everest when she did this to me. I had no idea how to respond to her, so I told her I needed some time to think about what she said to me. I so totally froze when she said those words to me, it was like I was looking at a bomb when I saw her face after she said it. It was like I was seeing an unexploded piece of ordnance, and I had no clue as to whether or not it was a dud, or just setting itself to blow up! PTSI(D) does this to a lot of people. So, if you are someone who feels this way; join the club, and figure out how to wait it out! You ARE worth it!





I want to ask a question here: 1. who breaks a person down more? I have an answer, but I won’t share it right now because I am hoping that you will have time to come up with your own answer(s).




Here on this site, I have found some pretty amazing people. They have taken the time out of their busy lives to contribute, to assist, to offer help where for some of us, there was the feeling that none existed. I tell everyone I know who feels distraught to come to this site and to join in on the Wednesday chat session. I tell them, “it’s the fastest hour, you’ll ever hate to see come to an end!” I’d like to ask something else: do you know why Wile E. Coyote kept failing? again, at the end, I’ll reveal my answer, just think about it, and it will really make sense once you get to the crux of the question itself, and not just focus on the answer. 





Oh, before I forget to say it: none of us are crazy, none of us are disordered, all of us are touched by an unhealed injury to our emotional structural integrity, and finding a way to repair this breach is difficult and may never be possible. But with the right direction, we can probably learn to live around the damage, or through, it or over it, or smash the breach and rebuild the structure completely, but we have to be patient, and we have to be honest. It just can’t work without honesty.




There is a road in our minds, and this road can go into infinitely numerous directions, some we control others, controlled by forces outside of our capabilities to deal with them effectively.

We come to not just a crossroads, we can also come to a multi-intersection. Without signage and a map that you’ve read, you wouldn’t have much of an idea in which direction you should go at this point. It’s extremely disconcerting. This is how PTSI(D) and other emotional ailments can trip us up, and interfere with our life’s progress.




Here’s the answer to the first question from above: the individual is more likely to break him or her self down. Outsiders will do their best, but it is when you accept and then incorporate the worst of the criticisms as your self-definition that you are truck in the emotional midsection!




The answer to the second question is less complicated but more important to reflect upon.

He does all of this failing because he refuses not to try to be successful! He keeps at it, after falling a mile off of a cliff. He keeps going even after he is smashed into the ground by a machine that has malfunctioned. He keeps trying with all of those great ACME contraptions that he fails to read all of the instructions to, thus pretty much assuring his failure, but he keeps trying to succeed and this is what it takes to deal with PTSI(D) and emotional injuries that we have to deal with. We must become educated as to the what, the why and the how, and then we must become consistently persistent in working on solutions to healing the conditions.
 and the beautifully wonderful people here, do a great deal to help all of us in this endeavor. Bring your open mind, and bring friends, family and loved ones with you, on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. eastern time, to join in and to add some power to the process. Because you have power, and you have significance, and you have a family of individuals who will welcome you openly, with non0judgmental input and compassion.




It is now up to all of us to be a part of the whole deal. This is the fun part: you find real information here, and yo find real people who all suffer from this deal, it is not a traditionally run idealistic operation, it is open to all opinions that are not directed at hurting someone else, and it helps, it helps a lot!













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