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It’s time to get real about this mission we’re all on!

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Saturday, January 06, 2018


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Blissful existence? Can it be that we are able to assume such a position in this world of today, in its brash and its harsh “it’s all about me!” way of thinking?




Moments make all of a person’s life, and some of them are not that pleasant, it is how life goes, and when a child is growing up, the parents are responsible for explaining this fact to the child. Often and most embarrassingly shameful, however, this is not done. The parents are either too self-involved or simply just don’t care enough to handle such enormous responsibilities.

Open and honestly, let’s set up the situation s it is: children are victims at this point. Maybe not at the moment, maybe quite some time will pass before it hits its most potent point, but it will happen. The person who was this child will face a moment of necessity, and the ability to handle it will not exist!




This person will face a problem that is overwhelmingly impossible for them to solve, and it is all due to the lack of education at the feet of their parents! This irresponsibility pays itself forward and its product is unsure and disoriented people. Self-centered, ill-tempered and unstable people who use the objection that they are entitled to anything that they want, whether or not they work to receive it as a payment. We are devolving as a society and people who have been ill-prepared for life, are its truest victims, as well as its worst perpetrators of the crime.





I see people who starving, for knowledge. These persons want to know how to work in life as a useful addition to the human web. When they see themselves as useless, their emotions are struck with the realization that they have not been built with the strengthening agent f knowledge. This is the truest adhesive to keep the mind strong and pliant, able to adjust seamlessly to its environmental necessities. When the knowledge is absent, the emotions are assaulted with the truth that it has never been taught about.




Where is the truth? Why is the truth so much less familiar to the minds of these people than to everyone else? Because the process was either interrupted or never taught to them by their parents, and their schools when they were growing as children! There is no reason to wonder, we just need to accept the truth of the matter.


Just like with PTSI(D), there are numerous reasons for the condition to come into existence, but treating it in a generic fashion makes it more prevalent and much more public than in the past. It used to be thought that only combat soldiers received enough traumatic input to assume the injurious information necessary to cause this, but we now know that the truth is that numerous dynamics can cause emotional injuries and yield unstable emotional lives in the people who have suffered them.




We are so fortunate nowadays because we have access to one another, and we can each add one piece to the pieces of the pie that is not whole at the moment. Variables exist in reality, this is seemingly unknown to established organizations in the business of leading society into a certain direction. Maybe now, we need to take those individual steps and come p with new questions and answers.




I don’t say that it will be easy, but what it is, is necessary. We can’t stand for losing people to suicides because the world is not ready to set aside its greed long enough to help human beings who are in need of help.




Now, we need unity, we need parity, we need clarity of purpose and clearness of mind. We’re available to the task and we’re willing to not be asses and get this mission going in the correct direction.





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