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War creates emotional victims. What I think about PTSI(D)

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 0300 Hrs.


The war on communism began before America ever gave it a first look. It gained popularity amongst the poorest people because there were promises of uplifting them to equal-citizen status. That was never the intent, and it never occurred. Communism in its purest form is another type of robbery. Equal distribution of wealth was never its intended outcome, to be sure.




The war on poverty, drugs, terrorism, they all have similar outcomes, the victims become the blamed, and then they become the scapegoats who are blamed for the problems. A person who is poor does not want to be so. A person who is living in a drug infested cesspool of a neighborhood doesn’t like it, but their choices are limited as to what they can do about it. Low-level drug dealers are targeted because it is easier to imprison them and make them multi-time felons and keep the prisons filled. This is more victims, more persons who will be unfit for society. It’s purposely being done.




The war on terrorism has done little more than get troops killed, split families apart and take away our civil liberties. There is no more threat to our safety today than there was in the 1960s, ad they know this! It’s all a bunch of Bs to keep us from looking behind the curtain at the little man at the controls. The wizard is a hoax, the emperor is naked, and the clown demands that sane people see him as wearing clothing that they are not high society enough to visualize. What a crock of BS!




As a man, I don’t know if I can say to a woman that I find her attractive. The new atmosphere is that every man is a potential rapist, a molester or an abuser waiting to strike, such a bunch of tired nonsense is starting to overlook the fact that the majority of people are not monstrosities, but people of good intent. What has happened to our world and to our people?




Bad people have children and if they have money, no one in the law is willing to place themselves into the positions they occupy to do anything to stop the situation. The system of justice is obviously stacked against anyone who is lacking the funds to buy a “dream team: of lawyers to fight for them, what in the hell happened to fairness under the law for all persons?




PTSI is infecting a great number of people because there is pressure where there was none before. A parent can’t even warn his child not to do something wrong or there may be consequences. Who in the living frosted flakes is writing up this stuff? I am dismayed beyond belief that people haven’t stopped supporting candidates for office, they all turn out to be scum as they continue on the detailed map of what government is: legal enslavement! Look at your taxes, tell me it makes sense for someone who makes just enough not to be on the streets, to have to pay more than they can already barely afford, while ultra-rich get to keep more and produce more delusionary wealth, without the worry of paying nearly anything that will place them in jeopardy. The script is written, and no matter who we pull the levers for; we’re still crushed!




Children are living on the streets, online stardom has created a vast and wide network for sex traffickers to prey upon easily had victims. It’s rough just to live a life because something or someone is always trying negatively impact our lives. BEWARE OF HUMANS: THEY’RE OUT TO GET YOU!  Should be the sign we let our babies read until they get the point that the world isn’t always a safe place. Even goodly-minded soldiers leave death in their wakes. Not meaning to do so. Death and combat are’ true partners, one does not exist without the other coming into existence.




Religious wars created countless millions of dead and permanently deformed minded people. They wanted to be free to believe in a God who we can’t even describe in their own ways, but some organized nonsense, said “no, you do it our way, or we’ll torture and kill you!” true stuff! Making emotional illnesses seem so mysterious, is not a good thing for anyone. As one sinks into a personal nightmare of confusion as to what is happening  to them, they can’t see that the sun is going to rise for them again, they have difficulty understanding that it is something that can be treated, they are not going crazy, they are actually going toward acceptance and then, they will start seeking to understand and treat. The road is a long one, but, travel it.




PTSI is a destroyer of confidence, and it makes no sense when it comes down on top of a person. One minute, I was me, the next, I was clawing my way in a bog, trying to get out, trying to keep myself from being fragged any farther into the dark place. Emotional mind warps lead us to a speed-tracked misunderstanding of who we are. My goodness yes, it is scary! Seeing that face in the mirror who looks not quite like it did the night before or hearing the sounds of life reverberate and distort into a vicious symphony of delusional interpretations that have no definitions for your mind to use.




Ask me what I think about PTSI(D), and you may be a bit surprised. I think that it is a necessary component of one’s safety net. It is an abusively situated one to be certain, but without it, we wouldn’t find out that some people are dangerous to our safety, or that certain situations are not really worth taking a chance on. PTSI may make me hyper-vigilant, and this is exhausting at times, but even still, it has made me look more than once before I crossed a danger zone that I might not have otherwise recognized.




The “why” of PTSI(D) is the question to be answered. Why does it exist at all? Answering this question is a part of my search for the wholeness of my mind. Of course, there is the time factor, maybe the sand will run out before I get even a small clue, but there are so many people who are out there, looking, seeking, adding to the information. When I remember this, I get a smile on my face, I kind of laugh a little bit inside. I know that it will take someone who hasn’t taken the time to study “Jung” or “Kierkegaard” to pick out the right pieces of this puzzle. My goodness, what a day!




PTSI(D) brags about itself in the minds of its recipients. It is a liar, a pretender a stealer of dreams and of consistency. This makes it so damnable, so unflinchingly difficult to deal with. See it? The truth of what it is, might not always look the same when you see it. This ability to camouflage itself is terrifying.




I’m living with PTSI, severe clinical depression, other issues, and I want to live dammit, I don’t want to let this “thing” decide my fate! I will do what I can to limit its access to my thoughts, I will try my best not to succumb to its whisperings. But even I, have a limit, a date stamped on my “Sell by patch”, and I and no one else, can say when that will be, but to be here and to be available to voice my feelings, what a rush, baby! It affirms even to this liar, that I’m still here, and I still have my thoughts and I haven’t given in to it, or given up on myself.




I hope that everyone else will take at least this step: be here, struggle when you must, but don’t give in, up, or out!












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