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PTSI(D) is a story that will be told.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 1930 Hrs.


A story is being written, and it is being done right now, at this very second, as I type these words which may or may not ever be read. I have said this because the story if your story, not my own. You are leaving in the wake of your life, a disturbance in the pond of the universal ocean, a wake which will live forever.




We are all made of the exact same elements, there is not one person who is alive today, or has ever been alive who is not related to all other persons who will ever exist. Life has no truer definition than its own ability to be experienced by those who are alive to sense the process. PTSI(D) has to have been one of the rawer elemental factors that took humankind from the fields and into the caves and eventually into the process of building artificially contrived structures to provide shelter for their protection.




However we came to be, we are most definitely here, but we have not allowed for our primal instincts to take a rest, we are still in tune with the raw energies that we had to use to survive when we were running from animals and eventually… each other. Fight-or-flight is a term used to describe how our minds work in an emergency or extremely stressful or dangerous situation. Our minds work on an infinitely faster pace than our bodies, the decisions are made before we even know there is one to consider.




Maybe what we are missing about PTSI(D) is the fact that this ailment is merely a hyper-vigilant quality that is a leftover product from our past. A sort of “mental gallbladder” it’s an appendage that seems to have been necessary at one time, but no longer has a function that can be ascertained. It can become problematic and then, it is excised, removed and thrown away. Unfortunately, with emotional injuries that cause PTSI(D), this is not the case. Although it has been tried. Bloodletting, cold water head-dunking, and even vaginal and anal devices used to stretch the body in order to let the evil spirits leave have been tried.




Now, we have drugs, that can cause the terrors to be even more demonstrative and insultingly abusive in making our issues elevate to a dimensional disproportionality which defies any reasonable explanation as to why they are being used. But, still, we use them because our choices are limited in many cases. Some of us find tranquility in optional methods of dealing with transitive issues that are fracturing our emotional lives, but they are not easy for many of us to utilize to our satisfaction. Sad as it is, holistic options may be our most effective and useful methods to use, but they seem too slow to many whose minds are in a constant state of emergency.




Do we want to know the origins of emotional impairment, or are we just in the rush to find a cure for the issues we are dealing with now?

I don’t believe we can find a lasting and valuable partnership of treatment and healing if we do not find the root of the problem. We have to find the beginnings to ever think of finding an ending this only makes sense, so we need to backtrack even as we look ever forward into a future where we have a handle on the effective treatments. This can be tricky; it’s akin to driving in a car race looking for the finish line, while at the same time looking backward often, to see where we’re leaving our tire tracks.




Optimistically, we attend to our lives, hoping for the next moments of clarity and relief. Often we are rewarded with the just desserts we desire, but in those times when all of the damaging developments return in-force, we try to run away from the pain. We cannot find the escape route to our most expedient use, we find wet sand, and difficulty in trying to run. We tire quickly, we are windblown before we’ve made any leeway. PTSI(D) and emotional dilemmas can leave one feeling hopelessly trapped. We’re really not though, even though it may be hard to believe at times.




Innovative remedies exist for the relief we seek, the problems lie in the matrices which we will have to overcome to gain access and usage. The money hungry industries don’t want the natural methods to be available to the general public because if we just grew our own remedies, they would go out of business! We’re getting pushed to extinction by the destruction the rain forests which hold the keys to our survival. They go in, and try to synthesize naturally occurring elements that are the property of none, but for the use of all.




Every acre, every leaf, every insect species and bush that is destroyed, has been used to create the fixatives we need. But they will never reach our lips. We need to help each other, we need to uplift each other, we need to be open with anything that we can come up with even to try as a therapeutic preparation, in the meantime as we accept that unified action is our best case scenario in this effort to find equalization of the pressures that have built this offensive weapon that is so pervasively influencing our lives.




Peace is nearby, and all of us, especially you, who has taken the time to read this, deserves to have all of it that you desire.











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