Hesitation, expectation, and recuperation. The true mission of hardcore seekers in PTSI(D) indemnification. | #PTSDchat

Hesitation, expectation, and recuperation. The true mission of hardcore seekers in PTSI(D) indemnification.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018, 2300 Hrs.


Can you truly brace yourself against the storms that you don’t know are coming, or what it is that they will be like when they arrive? Who writes up the rules of how one should live his or her life? You know, the “experts” who know more about how you should be, than how you actually are? Where do they come from, where did they acquire their knowledge? Can I or you, acquire this specially assumed insight into the unknowable aspects of what and how the brain sees any or every, thing?


I rest assured in my opinions that no one can know every piece of information available that is expressive of how in fact, the human mind works. I find the impossibility of such a thing to be absolutely inconsistent with authenticity, and I reject it out-of-hand, as pure nonsense!


I appreciate lithe, and honest, information which can at least start a conversation of reachable proportionality inside of my mind because I DO suffer from emotional illness dynamics which have no true interpretation and have no identification point as to when they started. How can I be expected to trust the absolute certainty that it spoken out loud by the psychiatric profession when at their conferences, at which I have attended at least three, they speak very honestly about the truth that no one has ever achieved the healing or curation of a single patient?


I am aware that there are expectations of failures in the scientific process of finding out information and truths, and that only when something can be duplicated on a consistent basis can it be accepted to be successful even to an nth degree, but I am discussing a life here. A life that has been turned upside down and inside out by emotional discontinuity by some foreign addition, some formative inconclusively defined anomaly. This is not an interloping opinion, it is foreign invasion of a pristine construct of the inner personal makeup, and we are not accessible to the time that we are being told that we have in identifying and healing the individuals who are being affected by emotional injuries and the aftermaths that are produced by their addition into their lives.


Hiatus, delay, hindrance, intermission, interval, lacuna, all of these can be a result o emotional illnesses and their various forms for anyone who is being assaulted with the input of injuries to the mind. How can we deny that treatment is necessary for everyone right now? How can we dismiss the cries of veterans who are committing suicide in order to scream at the process and the actuators of them that are seemingly dragging their feet to come up with something useful instead of what has historically been a failure?


I need to say this:

I dislike the effects I am dealing with because of depression and PTSI(D). I am not complaining about it, I am simply stating my feelings about it! Someone is not telling the truth, someone is making a statement that has no bearing on a state of legitimacy. Even some of us, (myself included) has at some point or another lied about being enhanced by the addition of emotional difficulties in our lives. It’s OK in and of itself for a first reply, but to live inside of this lie, makes the problem much worse, much more power is given to the ailment when we lie about our having it as a personal issue.


Things will get better. I am reluctant to give a time span as to when this will take place because I would be lying if I told you that I have even the slightest bit of a clue! But just like we know there are cures for cancer which have not been released, we know that they have at least some medical ways to create healing in the outcomes of our illnesses and injuries where it concerns the emotional and mental makeups of the individual.


If it were up to me; no one would ever be abused, neglected, marginalized, bullied, injured, wronged, maltreated, ignored, annoyed, offended, hared, disturbed, insulted, stigmatized, or victimized. But unfortunately, this is more than any person can provide, as a matter of fact, it is more than a majority of people can offer a position for the whole of humanity.


How or when will things get better for people who are being exasperated by emotional injuries and illnesses? Only time will be able to come up with this answer because it is only the very recent time period when anything of true value has ever been attempted to find the causes in the first place. It is not caused by too much blood in the head, or too much water in one’s bladder, it is much more complicated and significant than those ridiculous ascertainments.


Mindfulness training, inner enhancements based upon strengthening the conscious to sub-train the subconscious mind. This is all adding up to major leaps forward in self-treatment and self-attainment of strong values-based, insightful and usefully progressive therapies and methods. The time for movement is right now! We can and we must trail a hand behind ourselves to pull along any person or people who are still reluctant to try or to see that they can even do so at all. We’re here and in strength, we can be powerful for all of us.





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