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Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 2050 Hrs.


Bliss: happiness, joy, delight, enjoyment, ecstasy.

Few people admit to whether or not they have this in their lives. Some people act as though they do, by laughing, drinking, smoking a and doing drugs, but in truth, nothing that is artificially stimulating causes true bliss. Even the most remote aspects of happiness is a distant relative to the actuality of their true emotions.


Sadly, nothing is more contagious than pretending to be happy. Nothing stymies creativity like draining your energy to play-act being in a state of bliss. Smile for a whole day, on purpose and do it nonstop without a break. Your facial muscles will be angry with you in the not too distant future after a while. This is a hard thing to do. We just haven’t been in the practice of smiling enough to have strengthened the muscles that promote this position on our faces.


I like being happy, and even with PYSI as an issue I still have some happiness in my life, but sometimes it’s interrupted by the issues in the background that comes to the forefront, and this is when it can be heartbreaking for me. to be smiling and happy one moment an then to be rushed over by a wave of sudden fear disinterest, and other negative emotions can be dauntingly over-taxing for me.


People who have PTSI can have sunny days as well as anyone else can. This point is missing from the numerous assumptions that people have in relation to their having no empirical experiences to have made such assumptions. We walk amongst a world of people. And so many of them have learned to look for differences to point out, that finding one who does not do this is close to impossible.


I have to admit, that I am guilty of this same activity. I assume that other people will see what I see as my abnormalcy. PTSI does little to strengthen my self-image, so I feel that others can see the problems I face.


I’ve seen up close what the ravages of patriotic wars can do to those who made no choices to fight such conflicts. These sights haunt my mind, and they grossly over-extend into my emotions and make the thought processes less than tolerable.


Patriotism: loyalty, allegiance, and devotion to one’s country. When it becomes converted into a more staunch form of belief, it can become more of a problem than a statement of pride. When patriotism becomes nationalism or greed personified as military action (so to speak!) wars are usually the resulting from of this hyper sense of patriotism.


Dead persons and destruction of property and buildings and land are the results. They are the definition of combat. Death, destruction, and misery. It can’t be overstated that wars are death and even combatants who come back home can be casualties and not know it for some time. Soldiers come home, they try to fall back into the routine of acting normal, trying to be the way they were before they were impacted by the suddenness of combat, even if they weren’t on frontline duty, they still see the results. Dead bodies being prepped for the return to the country. Injured soldiers, destroyed equipment, frayed nerves, short tempers. It all adds up.


I feel that the need to do the harder work of accepting that the issues are there even though you might not understand them or even want to admit to their existence, can cause even more damage, more hurt, and more pain.


Soldiers are taught to be tough, suck it up, and continue to march! Men don’t feel fear in battle, they thrive on the action. Bulls*t! combat is frightening and it sticks with you for the rest of your life. The only way it doesn’t is if you have a deranged mind before going in. or you have your brain altered when you come back home!


This is your mind, your health, and it is your responsibility to be as loyal to your own needs as you once were to the ideas of being loyal to your country. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Just living is taking chances. Walking is taking chances, and accepting that often you will have no control over the circumstances which will have an impact on your life, is taking chances as well.


I just wanted some of my ideas to get into the air. How you feel about them, and what you have to add to them or even take away from them, well. That’s for you to take care of. I look forward to the input.




Peace and smooth sailing.



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