Our minds, our canvas, our universal stories, our cosmic existences. PTSI(D)? | #PTSDchat

Our minds, our canvas, our universal stories, our cosmic existences. PTSI(D)?

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Saturday, January 27, 2018, 1750 Hrs.


Imagine if we started our lives from the middle-aged era. Existing solely to try to recall the past that never existed for us. Reaching back for a yesterday that has no chance of being found because it never happened. Does this seem like it would be a living nightmare to you? For me, it seems beyond terror, I would think that my mind would be torn apart by the process.

Thinking needs to have some logical point to its process. Even when you are creating something which has never been heard of or seen before, it is without exception based upon some memory-based knowledge even if you are only subconsciously aware of its presence.

Some children are actually born with the knowledge that should not be known to them until it is in fact taught, but so-called “prodigies” have innate and true skills in areas that take others years to even form a perfunctory understanding of and the usage of their activities. In truth, however, we are all prodigies. Each of us has an innately supreme ability that has a specifically unique reason to exist. 

Demonstrated over a period of time which can no longer be accurately assumed, human beings have reached a point where their arrogance is far exceeding the use of the intelligence with which we are all born. Humanity should be frightened to know that it is their own self-destructive habits that are wreaking havoc with life on every level on this; the only planet within reach of our “technological brilliance” that we can live upon. 

We are born, and when this happens, a piece of blank canvas has appeared for the first time. Or so we have been taught to believe. But in reality, a child is born as a canvas that has been given a base coating. This coating is innate knowledge. A baby knows that it must: breathe, eat, and eliminate its waste. He or she doesn’t have to be taught that they are hungry, thirsty, or uncomfortable because of various additions of internal fluids and solids which have now become an outside presence attached to the body, they will take breaths as many times as is necessary for their lungs to feel comfortable, and they have a communications system which is already set to administer its announcements to the world as soon as the need arises.

This is artistry. This is how an artist tells the story on a canvas or on a piece of paper or any medium which is used to communicate the story that they are telling. The seriousness of a true artist is that they are never finished with the story they have started. The piece may now be complete insofar as the production aspect goes, but the story is one which will continue beyond this point. The story will be told in many forms and interpretations over the lifetime of the piece. Every mind will illuminate itself with its own definition of the emotions it inspires itself.
Any artist will appreciate the unfinished nature attached to his or her work, it must go beyond their telling and go out into the world to become itself as interpreted by every other eye who sees its presentation. This is a big thing to accomplish!

More so today, we are living as the finished piece, and not taking the time to gain the experiences and the knowledge necessary to form the story we think that we are telling everyone. We want to be a masterpiece, without the almost countless doubts and changes, an artist would make on the canvas or in the sculpturing process. Drawings are erased and re-drawn. It can take a real artist dozen of times to see the story in the form he or she was trying to tell before the work is signed and allowed to be seen by other eyes. This is so sublime!

Nothing can come close to the creative process. We don’t even make babies. They are simply a part of the universe to which we all belong. But a finished piece of artwork? Now that’s creating something. Even though it was already somewhere within the mind of the individual(s) who produce: the artwork. Drawing, painting, sculpting, musical performances, writing, speaking, singing, running, walking, teaching, learning. All of these are specific types of artistry, but they are a limited list, to be sure.

Our minds are designed to learn, and to accept the inputting of information in many ways, and at multiple stream levels. This wondrous piece of biological machinery can do anything, absolutely anything! It comes from everywhere that exists, it is a fraction of the entirety of the universe. It is pieced together from the cosmic material that we cannot yet comprehend, and yet, with all of its power and abilitiesit still fragile enough to be negatively impacted and permanently to semi-permanently damaged and altered in these abilities. This fact is rather remarkable in that it‘s so complex, yet so simplistic in its ability to take place.

A mind looks for consistency even in confusion because it has the innate ability to figure things out. This is its cosmic nature; this is where the lunacy becomes comprehensible. Chaos is the natural state of all matter. It is in a constant state of movement and flux, ebb and flow, hills and valleys. Why should we not expect for disruptions in its natural state to cause at least some cognitive issues? The brain is matter, and the mind (whatever we may think it to be) is also made up of at least the basic materials of its assumed containing structure, (That, being the brain!). When damage happens to the container, the contents are invariably altered in its status, and in its form. 
Pour water into a glass, and it takes the shape of the containment area of the glasspour it on the floor, and it has nothing to contain it in a coherent sense of itself, it scatters. Imagine the mind of a person as water. Interesting, no?

Maybe PTSI(D) and all other emotional issues are leakages caused by damage to the brain in some way. This, causing the (fluidity) of the mind to become less coherent in its form and less able to perform its truest functions. I believe that it makes sense that stunning input could result in stunning results to the mind’s consistency. Maybe this is where we are going wrong. Maybe we haven’t seen the true identity of the artwork that is the human mind yet so we cannot describe effectively enough, how it could be damaged and lose some of its shielding capabilities.

I hope for all persons who are affected (even those who are on the periphery, because it is a friend or a loved one who is suffering) to find the true and most effective avenues to healing and release from the negativity and the pain. It is truly about time for a real change to take place.

Please; live for the sake of living, be the artwork of your own existence and let the world see your story. 


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