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Keeping hope alive with PTSI(D)

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 2020 Hrs.


Hope is the bottom-line of human emotional safety and strength. This is the glue which holds together the individual’s abilities to think critically and to ascertain his or her ability to see themselves as being competent against all of the other elements that may be forming a seeming front against their betterment.


A person who feels that they are living without hope, is a person who will eventually see no reason for being alive. Hope is important it is the brick in the wall where the weight is borne most significantly and it is the cornerstone of the walls of our emotional well-being. We can live feeling that it is weaker than normal, we can live with a deeper sense of its having been damaged, but living without it is difficult to impossible for most people. Hope has to be a part of us.


Keeping hope alive under stressful and emotionally weak circumstances can be most difficult to accomplish, but many people find a way to stick it out until they can find a way to at least convince themselves that they at least have a chance of finding it again.

To expect, to anticipate, to wait, to contemplate, long for, rely upon; all of these are examples of hope.


We hope for the best outcomes for all of our efforts. We hope that people we love will return that love, or that we will at least not be disliked by people whom we meet during our lives. To be disliked is a stressful thing with which anyone would have to deal. It leaves one exhausted from trying to find out why someone would just take to disliking them. It places a stranglehold upon the emotional contiguity in relationship to the ability of one to think clearly.


One way to replace your hope is to try not to place expectations on other people that are too demanding. We will from time to time run across the person or the people who will ridicule who we are for whatever reasons they choose. We then, have to choose not to add any currency to their counterfeit interpretations of who or how we are as a person. Live inside of your own self-worth.


Hope, is the one gift that we can give ourselves, over and again, there are no limits on doing this, we just do it. No person can destroy your ability to hope for better, even if by doing so, you may seem a bit odd to someone who is less knowledgeable about why you seem so much more in tune with yourself than they can be, this is how hope renews one, it is how strength is revealed to the perceptions of the mind again and again. It related to everything within and around us. Even inside of the worse of events, hope is there somewhere waiting to be found and used.


I have to admit to having high expectations of myself, I also have them for other people, but when they don’t live up to them, I usually move forward, and keep myself on track. It is the times when I see myself as hopeless when I start to feel as if I am falling apart and letting myself fall into a pit from which there is no extraction. This is where fear starts to cripple my ability to see that hope is still there for me. Waiting to spur me onward, move toward another spot of happiness and of the wholeness of spirit and of mind.


Let me add here that doesn’t an easily achieved task, it takes work and it takes one’s ability and willingness to move into the zone of fear that is right there in front of the eyes of the mind. We can see with our visible eyes, or with the mind’s and one is definitely more instructive to our fears than the other! (you choose the one you think does this   for you!)


Believe it or not, to achieve hope, one has to believe that hope exists. No one else can talk me into being hopeful if I feel that things are hopeless, I have to find my way back to this feeling and this belief or it just won’t be there for me!


Talking with upbeat people can help me to find hope for myself, maybe it can for other people as well. Being around happier surroundings may make me remember that hopefulness is a state of mind and it is my responsibility to at least look for it. When I stopped looking for it before, I went to the edge, I saw no reason to see another day or another night. That was true hopelessness, I don’t ever want to go there again!


Activities to get my mind flowing, challenging activities, positive people, visit an animal shelter and play with the animals, go to a park and take a walk around to be in nature for a while. Sing, to yourself, dance, shout if you must, read positive and affirming books, listen to music that inspires you, learn to play an instrument, learn to look at yourself, as the important person you truly are, and leave the destructive symbolistic lie that speaks of yourself, in the trash bin of your life, and never go back to retrieve it, ever!


Forgive yourself!


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