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PTSI(D) and the empowerment of Love

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The upward spiral


My mind awakened to a realization


I was standing in solitude on the precipice of knowledge


The beaming of a ray not of light that was known to me, but of one I knew I would come to know, set me into a limitless upward movement


As I spiraled and I swirled toward a newness of life beyond any I have ever known, I finally relaxed and allowed the movement to happen, to relax into what it would be


I could experience a powerful force that was inviting to know, not one I would feel the need to escape


In the eyes of the unknown, I felt a patience come into me, I felt a comforting presence enter into my essence, my existence become understood, it was to please the mind of one other than myself


Presence and patience and beauty melded into a grafted aspiration that had eluded my very imagination until this point


All of my doubts were immediately washed away by the waves of emotional harmony that now flooded into my being, my mind, my emotions


My heart had been awakened to the devastatingly powerful truth that a whole universe could exist just to bring together two who would want to become one


A cosmic centralization of happiness that could never exist when we were two of one now existed as a new entity who had an old connection to a power that is incomprehensibly complex but simplistic in operating as it should when it should


Capitol institution of integrating of the existences of a grander design than one’s mind could ever deny to itself


The truth demands a favor and that favor is enjoyment


The new one is now more omnipotent than is the universe itself if the one will accept the conjunction of a set of individuals who now exist as an assemblage of an entity which existed before time was born


I had been born to become a power that I had not known I could ever be, a part of a whole, yet a whole of a part


Feelings that were a mystery now became a focalized understanding to be enjoyed and not manipulated


If I could but stay the course of enjoying this newness, I know that happiness will be the power of us, of me, of her, of life, or even death, due to the memories which would never die, even when we do


This is love, it is a knowledge of happiness beyond the limitations of ego and of a might that cannot be overcome, but only enjoyed by the one that now empowered the two who were weaker before they adjoined to become power themselves


Love is empowerment and not a mixture of superior to inferior which can be broken, it is sublime and it is supreme


Love is … the reality which has become actuality



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