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Brains and PTSI(D), can this be the new labor configuration?

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Saturday, February 24, 2018, 1600 Hrs.

Our intricately constructed brains are a marvel of bioengineering, it can accomplish 1 calculations at speeds that would make the most adept computer programs almost blush in the embarrassment of shame if they were to be compared! We should be in awe of this very extraordinarily adaptive machine, but we don’t tend to give it much thought at all. That is until it begins to malfunction and we have to give it our attention!

I blister my ass over this point every day of my life, now, because I am so guilt-ridden over my lifetime wonderment yet same disregarding of this most unique and distantly yet close proximally device to which I have direct access! My goodness, this device we have which is being protected by our skull’s osteometric matrix is so intensely human, 2 and at the same time, so cosmically mysterious and powerful that it is still as unimaginably complex as why we are here in the first place! I have given thoughts to my brain’s truest capabilities for a long time, ever since I was a young kid who should have been watching cartoons and playing in mud puddles, I have wanted understand this “brain-thing”. This incredible machine that is inside of my skull-pan. The one that can make one seem to be a genius or a fool and often do this in a simultaneous manner!

I was always a library-kid. Books have fascinated me from as far back as I can remember, of course, the Bible was the first one to which I could get my grubby little jelly-covered hands on because we had several in our home. I was mesmerized by the fact that so many people read this book and it made them so happy to do so, that I wanted to learn how to read so that I could get in on the festivities myself! I easily learned to read this book, surprisingly so to me, but miraculously so to my parents and the members of our church!

The Brain, the “what” that makes us all the “who” we happen to be. Minus this 3 organically indeterminately powerful apparatus inside of our bodies, we would probably move along with the dissents, performing the necessary tasks of surviving and reproducing the species, never needing to know excesses and jealousies that are so pervasive amongst our species today.

I wonder if were possible to ask and to receive an answer, if a jellyfish would like to have one of these human adaptations placed inside of itself, in a completely operational mode, to see if it could accomplish anything more than it does at this very moment? Or
1 in a very complicated or detailed manner.: 2 an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure 3 an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity.
would it say to us: “ No, thank you! You guys have messed things up enough that I wouldn’t want to own any of the responsibilities for doing so, myself! ” being me, and having my same sets of beliefs as a jellyfish, I know that I would most definitely say this to a scientist who was to ask me such a thing! I think I’d like being the jellyfish I was born to be.

However, opposite of this former statement, I have to admit that as a human being, I want to know what this brain of mine can do, and with PTSI, emotional issues beyond my abilities to control and anxieties and fears that get in my way, I can’t do this, and it truly does upset me no end! This is where I start to wonder if maybe I am crazy. I mean, not operational in a normal fashion. Are PTSI(D) and other emotional traumatically caused illnesses the culprit here, or…is it actually my brain going into a sense of hyper-protective mode. Dismantling the so-called “safety” that I felt due to the lack of having this sensitivity before? Have we somehow misdiagnosed what this is in its truest sense?

Can PTSI(D), anxiety attacks, dissociative issues, demarcation of painful memories, 4 any of a number so-called “mental illnesses” in truth be the brain doing what it does best, which is to protect the bodies inside which it is housed? I and others who are affected by these issues, could we be on the evolutionary track toward a new human brain enhancement? Are we the first wave of more aware humans who will be able to use their hypersensitivities to bring about the lessening of the loss of self-identity and loss of life due to the ignoring of dangerous situations of which we are now, mostly unaware? My goodness, wouldn’t this be something to be a part of?

I’ve heard it said, and I’ve read it somewhere that leaps forward, increases in awareness and evolutionary improvements often come in painful ways before they are acknowledged as being improvements. Could this be where we, the people dealing with these issues and maladies are right now? Possibilities are cosmically inconclusive because they cannot only not be proven, but as well, they cannot be disproven either!

I see my problem as being this: no matter if this is a future-positive or a forever negative, it is now causing nothing but negatives in my life, and I don’t want it anymore! I guess I’m a bit selfish about my own comfort, in that I like for it to exist, but that’s me, no apologies for this because it isn’t within my control to not be this way! I can accept that I am narcissistic in this way, that I want to be happy, complete and comfortable, I
4 the action of fixing the boundary or limits of something
don’t think that anyone should be knocked for feeling this way, so long as they don’t want to disallow this same appeasement to or from someone or anybody else. Fairness of sharing what is virtuous is our only hope as a species, absent of this, we are doomed to warfare ourselves into a history that will never be known. We are now writing the history we assume is true about our planet, our species and others which are no longer here. Books are assuming to dispute the stories which are being told, due to differences in beliefs, teachings, and ability to accept something that seems to be far too abstract to be acceptable as a possibility.

I often refuse to believe what seems to me to be a lie. Do I believe in the entire bible? This is a question beyond a hard-based answer. Do I believe that Noah built an Ark large enough to save every species of animal in existence at the time in which he lived? Only I can answer this for myself, I can’t give an answer that is cogent to anyone else because they too have their feelings on the subject. Religion throws us into a frenzied state of mind because it demands obedience to believe what cannot be proven.

Humanity has suffered as it has tried to come up with the story of its origins. Are we an experiment in patience and learning to an all and ever-existing deity, who is Omni-existent, in all directions at once? Content my friends, it’s all about the content and then, we have to calculate the context from which the information is to be obtained. It is not an easily accomplished goal to achieve, to say the very least.

Seeing inventions, advances in technology, movements forward in all kinds of human endeavors, leads me to believe that in at least the short-run, humans have an upper hand over lesser inclined creatures. We (humans) want to seek answers to our (how, why, where from)and who from in response to our just being here at all. I don’t believe that a shark has this philosophical dilemma going on in its head. Maybe for the shark, it is more like asking “Where is my food, baby?” that occupies the thought processes of this until recent times, very successful species.

I think I just want to be rid of the pieces of this unwanted puzzle that is made up of shards of the wholeness I believed my life was at one time. My steps are now measured into directed, and limited movements, less than normal, a little more than retarded. (If this makes any sense to anyone else !)
Life is made up of pieces which remain congruently connected until something breaks those bonds. But is this breaking an uncomfortable process of necessity for humanity to move into its future, or is it a cause for the alarm which I feel almost non-stop in my every waking and even sleeping hours?

Brains…hmph, necessary for life, but are they trying to tell us that it is time to move onward from the stasis we have tried to maintain for so long as we have waited for someone else to take the first steps in the moving of humankind’s journey?

Can PTSI(D) be the jumping-off point, somewhat like the cliffs of Acapulco, just waiting for humanity to take the leap into its next configuration? I for one, ( being affected by this condition, would really like an answer to this question !) do I possess the right to ask for this answer? I think that I do, I’m alive, and I see so many others of my kind who are suffering that I can’t help but feel the empathy which motivates me to want to help them find peace and freedom from their fears.

Can emotional illness or traumatically caused emotional injuries have opened the evolutionary-door, on a new form of birth? In the cosmological existence of possibilities, can emotional hypersensitivities be the new motherhood, giving birth to the next level of what the brain can do, and how the brain will be able to function? Interestingly enough, even these sets of questions, are painful for me to ask. Is emotional affective disaccord, the new “labor pains” for humanity?




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