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Selfishness won’t be a part of the PTSDchat family!

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Wdnesday, February 28, 2018, 1500 Hrs.


Differences are often seen as demonstrative identities of those to whom they are deferred. Often, the mystique aspect of the unknown qualities of what is not understood leads to the openness of fear and this becomes loathing. Persons who fall under this spell are hard-pressed to let go of their fear-based assumptions and can become cemented into their misconceptions.


This even happens to the victims of these misconceptions as well. Often, the victim is so fearful of the opinions being offered that they become ensconced within the demented idealism of those who made the choice of dehumanizing them in the first place!


We should be so much more advanced in an intellectual capacity that we seem to be, but no, it seems that we are stuck in the mire of stupidity’s grip, and not even looking for a way to extricate ourselves from what is happening to us as an entire species. If we were so intellectually superior to every other species on this planet, we would be leaning toward the solutions that would bring justice to every living person on this planet, instead of making new and more defamed victims of the illusion of being superior to other persons!


I am still shocked that at this advanced stage of technology and access to information, that we have cut off so much of the world’s population from this access and from this powerful way of promoting their self-existence to the status of being whole individuals. What in the hell is wrong with the so-called “normal” people of this world, that they choose to do this sort of thing to other human beings?


Try to explain to a child why he feels ostracized by classmates who make fun of his height because he is shorter than most of them, while you explain to yourself why you can’t go outside without breaking into a sweat. A bit difficult, huh?


Anything that is interfering with the regular actions of your emotional state of mind is a necessarily challenging dilemma for anyone to have to deal with. I have a great deal of difficulty in understanding why anyone would feel that they should mislabel another person based upon their own ignorant assumptions, maybe in the days hundreds of years ago when education was limited to those who could afford it, but now, with learning so readily available and with social media, this should be an extinct aspect of the human experience.


My mind shudders with the cold-chills of disbelief when I see the different ways in which we demean one another. The color of skin, geographic region, religious beliefs, there are so many useless ways in which we undermine the human process that a list would take up too much space for a commuter with less than a TB of memory to store them all!


Here, though, is the uplifting element. Persons have unique identities and properties of the mind which can be used to determine their own pathways! To hell with hatred and defamation, walk forward into the direction we choose, simply because we feel we are worthy to do so! Damn the naysayers and those who are so full of self-hatred that they have to lay it onto someone else! Live because you don’t expect to do anything less. No easily accomplished when you are dealing with the prevalence of emotional and psychological illness and injuries, but doable, if you put forth the effort!


Dammit, you’re worth energy it will take to fight for your existence problems are a way of using intellect to build your character. Even PTSI(D) and other emotional aspects that cause disruptions in the flow of our happiness and comfort are parts of the whole that will and can eventually make a person a whole part of themselves. Can you accept your own inefficiencies and still feel like you are worthy of respect, love, compassion and true consideration for other people? I hope so because there aren’t any options, I am who I am, you are, who you are, and we are, who we are, no exceptions, no amount of lying to ourselves can change this, it’s just what and how it is! We all have to deal with this.


As we work toward diminishing the effects emotional illnesses, we must continue to maintain our own identities, because if not, even if we were to become completely cured, who would we be? Would you want to wake up from this edition of yourself and find a new stranger staring back at you from the mirror? I know that I wouldn’t, this is what I’m trying to repair now.

That stranger has impacted my life and made me a stranger even inside of myself, how could I ever want to deal with a new one when or if, I awaken from this storyline of me? I need a bit of a return, one that is me who I lost so long ago. The musician, the artist, the person who had patience and creativity and a dynamic personality. Not this introverted and frightened person who feels self-conscious about his very existence. This can’t be who I’ll be until I die, it just can’t. so, I work for the betterment of self, and as I go along, I add to the list of things that might be helpful to other people as well. Being selfish with this would tantamount to being a crippling influence on someone else. Even with PTSI(D), I am NOT this person!


I hope for the next page to be turned toward healing soon, and I hope that it happens with one of the people here, because we care, we try, we share, and we are hopeful for each other.


It’s on the way, (the cure!) because every problem has the cure or the solution, no matter what it takes, it is there to be found. If not, the problem does not exist.





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