My one addition, along with one from each other person, and we’ve got a recipe for healing. | #PTSDchat

My one addition, along with one from each other person, and we’ve got a recipe for healing.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018, 1600 Hrs.


I have a condition known as PTSD, but I refer to it as PTSI because the (D) part of the anagram refers to a disorder, and this condition is caused by injuries that eventually cause disorder inside of the minds and the lives of those who have been affected and those with whom they associate. The disorder in the affected person can be horribly abusive to their mindsets and they can be so invasively pervasive as to cause the person to seek death as a remedy to the fears and to the pains that they experience. I know, because I’ve been to that point myself. And the interference that it may cause in the lives of others? Misconceptions, confusion, fear, anger, tasteless judgments, stigmatization of their associate, or friend or loved one. It all adds up to the equal (=) sign of the equation which is a usual part of the PTSD spectrum.


Let me make this as plain as I possibly can; PTSD is a community problem, it is not one of a uniquely individual nature because it has a cross-contamination nature to its identity. It affects the life of one, and then, it can affect the lives of those around the affected person. It is a cyclical illness mode and it is not as easily ignored as some people would tell us that it should be.


Individually, we each have a description of our condition that may or may not fit the textbook indifference to the fact that these differences can in fact exist! On a page, the descriptions cannot have variable definitions, and the person or people who are in charge of making a diagnosis are stuck in the glue of the bindings of the books from which they are bound to receive their information in order to make an accepted diagnosis for the condition. This builds a pen, a system of concentration of victims whose symptoms might add-up to a PTSD diagnosis, but the problem starts with the genericizing of treatments.


The indifference I have witnessed in the way that I must be treated has left me dependent upon a narcotic that has changed my metabolism and has exacerbated another and deadly condition for which I am being treated. This is MY PTSD fight. This is the way in which I see PTSD, it is an enemy and it keeps forming tactical attacks against my emotional well-being. It to me, is a live virus, an attacker with the drive to survive and to continue to attack me and keep itself virulently potent, in order to exist. This is the love f its own self at work, it is much like a human being should use self-love as a foundation to form a life of potency and potential.


There are so many forms of imperious invasions going on inside of so many people that in order to generalize this condition, it is necessary to limit its importance as a true disease. To do more is to show that in the treatment of this condition, it is an excellent example of the “Emperor has no clothes”! In other words, they don’t have any real clues as to what to do to help those of us who are dealing with emotionally injurious condition aftermaths! As sad as this sounds, to me, it is angering, it is a slap in my face on top of the spittle that I am trying to wipe off as it is being reconstituted at the same time.


Life has doors, it has levels, it has meaning. But life also has problems, and that means that it has solutions as well. What is the solution that I am trying to use in my attempt to eliminate PTSD? HONESTY!

I use brutal, incandescently bright, unyieldingly dogged in its determination to identify and to admit to the problem’s existing inside of me, HONESTY!

Some might call this a system that has its flaws, but I call it an egregiously inept atrocity! Who would leave their sick babysitting on the side of a road, and think that at some point, the baby will get better, because other babies have? This is just not using the brain to think critically!


My addition to the PTSD chat and site is honesty. No brutality towards a person, but the brutality that can often accompany a truthful answer, the honesty of not lying to save feelings, or to protect a weakness or fragility of an emotional state of mind. We all have this, or we wouldn’t be here! So, if I choose to lie to be less abrasive, I am adding to the future harm the individual doing the asking might experience later on. I won’t do that, not to anyone, and especially not to myself!


There is a codified system of questions and answers to assist a Dr. in qualifying a person as having PTSD. For the person, (in this case, specifically me!) this system has been more of a bust than a boon, and for many more who are like me, it has become the springboard into the valley of death.

What is “your” ONE thing that you can add to the conversation that seems to work for you, at least to some extent? Are you willing to add it to a chat session and to share it with the rest of us? I am, and I’ll explain this quickly.


People are individuals first, and then they become societal members, it can never be lost on me, that this is always the case, and that as an individual, I must be honest with myself, and I must be aware of what my needs are, or I will become angry at society for breaking the bridge to my emotional safety. Honesty has shown me that lies destroy more of my emotional wholeness than anything else ever has.


I hope that my addition of this ingredient into the recipe of healing which I believe we are all seeking will be helpful in the final product of that which will be universally useful to help in achieving this goal.


All to peace, all feel the love of the Lord, and all, find healing, soon.


A servant, a fellow seeker of healing, and a friend.

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