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Who decides for me, and how did they get this authority? Why am I expected to go along with this stuff?

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Friday, April 20, 2018, 2330 Hrs.

The new-age developments seem to be going in the right direction at times, but at others, it seems to be setting back the forward movement of all of society.

First I’d like to say that progressiveness in society can be a fine thing, but it can also overrun some of the people who are left under the heels of the movers who are doing the progressing.


In this vein, I’d like to talk a little about society and mental illness. We live in a world where mental illnesses are still seen as an abnormality of a dangerous character. I call this type of thinking, complete bullsh*t! I have always seen the so-called “sane” as the perpetrators of every war, every extinction of a civilization, they have created every “doctrinal” explanation for anything that they wanted to lead a society to see as the reasons for the problems being faced. And they will usually point a finger of accusation towards those who are innocent of any of the accusations. In a historical perspective, mentally ill persons have always been the easiest victims of this strategy. It’s easier to blame someone who is dealing with insecurities inside of themselves, based upon what they have been taught about what is or is not normal, so they wear the target easier than can anyone else.


Let me lay this out.

Every one of us is a smart enough person to figure out right and wrong, right? Well, then why are we allowing “special” panels and a government that is supposed to be working for us, to decide how and when we can make our own decisions for our lives? A government is not supposed to rule over its people, it is in place to protect the interests of its citizens, correct? Yes, correct.

My question comes down to this: when did the governments we voted into place, become so engaged knowledge-wise, that they can make every decision for us, and ignore any of our objections or our suggestions that would be helpful to all of the population?


We are ignored, we are targeted for “special” inspection by all of society. And by “we”, I mean those of us with emotional and mental illnesses.


Dogged by inner turmoil and then stigma and misinterpretations about what it is that we are going through and how it can affect society. We are painted with a target that tells people that we are the dangerous elements and that we need to be watched or institutionalized or we are going to harm society. We are supposed to be the weak links and the doors through which enemies can enter. Troubling as it sounds, people believe this drivel because you are talking about generations who have been taught this nonsense and an entire profession which has been built around its core principles.


Mary Todd-Lincoln had a history of mental illness to the point where there are stories of her having tried to kill her kids, diplomats, staff, and even Abraham Lincoln himself! The veracity of these stories have a backdrop of illusory story-telling and a bit of the truth interspersed within them, but we don’t know for certain which is which. After reading and hearing any of the stories, we are left to make a decision as to whether or not we believe any, some or all of it as being truthful. What I do know is that Mrs. Lincoln was interred inside of a mental institution for a time and that she was misdiagnosed while she was there.

Please, refer to this link: http://www.abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/sites/bellevue.htm


The treatments of ill persons in these “We can do what we want to, to our patients, because no one knows whether or not it’s right!” institutions are still questionable at best. A leading “expert” who is licensed to open and operate such “clinics” can have carte blanche authority, where even the family cannot bring a charge against him or the facility. Does this sound dangerous to anyone else?


Asylums. Electro-Shock Therapy. Skull Drills. Pills. Exorcisms. Isolation. Lobotomies. Many of the drastic procedures that have been put in place to relieve a person of mental illness are only successful in creating ‘vegetables’ out of patients, not curing their illness but making them ghosts of their previous selves.” extracted from http://historycooperative.org/a-beautiful-mind-the-history-of-the-treatment-of-mental-illness/

The emphasis, mine!


I am afraid of mental institutions. I have visited several persons who have been “treated” inside of them and I never saw such an assortment of frightened and disillusioned persons anywhere else in my whole life! A doctor can make a diagnosis and can then place an order for a person to lose his/her freedom of choice as to what will happen to them or how it will be done and even for how long, based upon an opinion that even today, has no empirically-based backing to support such a report.


We, as individuals have to start deciding the how’s. Whys, where’s, and who wills, of our lives. This can only be accomplished with truthful inner dialogues, trusted people with whom we can talk to, a support system of people who will look at the real person, and not the possible “monster” that doesn’t even exist.


A person who has grown up in abject abusive situations will have little to no trust in anyone, including themselves because they may or may not find that they are able to protect themselves from further harm. I know that my not telling what was done to me, saved a lot of pain for other people, while it made me so angry inside that I almost became a willing and very skilled killer because of it. I almost wretch when I think about how close I came to be comfortable with the process of taking a life. Whether or not I ever have is not the issue, what is, however, is the issue that I despise killing, I despise the false reasons for wars that make the outcome a necessity.


I knew a few men who were in the service for just this reason, but when the time to own it came around, they were the first to freeze and the first not to fire. These were the false brave, the phony heroes, the unlisted elements of disposable liars who placed all lives in danger. What in the hell is an “enemy”? From where do they come? And why do they become so inclined?


It all comes down to governments, the production-line of doctrine and national identities. These elemental developers can create a society of desired living or one of the disastrous outcomes for its citizenry. I have never voted for a war. The smell sticks inside of your nostrils forever, the sounds the sights, the destruction the indignity, the inhumanity the loss of identity. This is why we lose so many soldiers to suicides. They can’t recognize who they are anymore, or, if they do, they can’t stand to see that reflection and remember those acts and actions that made them who they have become.


Don’t ask someone else, ask the person who’s been there. This questioning may be the door to open a way back for the person. You have to be open to having that door shut in your face, but this is what it takes to make progress: willingness!


Authority is self-directed, it is not something that we gave away and it is something that we must now show to those who think that we have, that we have not. Get ready to fight for your rights and the rights of all people. It isn’t anarchy(political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control:) it’s truth, coupled with individualism. This comes down to the fact that each of us is born to be self-autonomous, and not led by force at the hands of an elected set of elitists who write laws that they are not forced to follow while we, the citizens they are supposed to protect.


Mental illnesses and emotional injuries which result in these issues are not elective, they are intrusively acquired.


This…as it is said by some people…ain’t over, yet!


Whole personages through whole-mindedness.





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