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Final Dance (As Far As I Can Go)

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I’ve gone beyond

“As far as I can go”

I’ve got tears falling

And didn’t even know

My heart runneth over

My soul runneth out

Struggling to understand

What it’s all about


If I could get beyond

Where I’ve lately been

I think I’d keep running

Would not return again

‘Cause I’ve seen so much hate

Heard so many lies

And now nobody listens

To anybody’s cries


I’d have never dreamt

I’d see life unrecognizable

Never could imagine

Innocents as despise-able

Elders’ wisdom unheeded

Children so betrayed

Are we claiming to be proud

Of this life we’ve made


It takes a tragedy

To even make us stop and think

And to each other’s hearts

We don’t even have a link

How do we go on

Disjointed, disconnected

When it’s not “right here”

We remain completely unaffected


I worry about the other souls

Who feel this secretly

Will they get back up

If it brings them to their knees

And how do I help

If I don’t even know

Their private pain and isolation

Til “the end”, it doesn’t show


I need to fully realize

The steps from whole to broken

And tread that path observantly

Detecting words unspoken

So if you’re of like pain

At least give me the chance

To help you build a Living Peace

Well before a “Final Dance”




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