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Even an out-of-tune instrument plays music.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018, 0160 Hrs.

If you are a musician then you know that being in tune is an important part of playing music that not only other people but you as well, want to hear. Losing this dynamic aspect of music is unenjoyable to the true musician, and it will drive the perfectionist in the person to the brink of a breakdown.

The mind expects a certain level of perfection, not perfection itself as much as a close resemblance to its image. Going for the best possible image is a human trait, it is the great innate mindset that we are all born with. We expect to be protected, and fed, and we expect not to be damaged by the people who are supposed to be doing this job.

Often we are disappointed by the letdown of these people not being the right people to expect this from, but as youngsters, we don’t know that. What we do know is that we don’t feel safe, nor well taken care of by these people. I believe that because of the innate expectations of our inner minds, we can become affected earlier than we know, by emotional injuries and the offshoots of their presences.

PTSI is an offshoot consequential entity which comes from the injuries acquired by emotional letdowns. Physical abuses can be much more dynamic in creating these elements because the pain ad the stress of the assaulting incidents come along with the after-effects of fear and the inability to comprehend why any of this is going on. As adults, we are often faced with the absence of understanding in certain situations. A person who is close to drowning has probably hundreds of emotions attacking the center of the mind (the brain) a second.

We should be asking ourselves questions about whatever is going on inside of ourselves whether it be something good or something bad. I ask questions about everything going on inside of me. The usefulness of questions cannot be overstated nor overdone as a practice. Ask, ask some more, and when in doubt, ask even more! I never stop asking questions. If I read an article I ask if I really accept what I’ve been reading. Does it even make sense to me or am I accepting it only because someone took the time to write it?

Right here, on this site, I ask questions about what I’m reading, what I’m writing or what I’m hearing. This is the only logical way to utilize information. Regurgitating information is a useless process and it does nothing to make anyone more in tune with their intelligence. The process of memorization and repeating is not learning in a way that creates pathways to keep the information in a useable manner, it is simply a waste of time and intellect. I like to learn, and I only accomplish this when I take in information that I can use for a purpose. Learning “ABCs” becomes useful, only after I start to use the letters to form words. Learning a math equation on calculus is only useful if I have the need to use calculus in the area of work in which I am employed. It connotes the uselessness of modern education that interests are ignored, and duplication of information on a test sheet is the reason to go to school. Most children do not do well in this environment until later-on, because the younger mind thirsts to absorb useful information and not just try to remember and repeat what has been said or related orally.

Being in tune is a desirable thing, but it isn’t always something that is achievable, as much as we might try. We can always play, music came about in this way as a medium of expression, it was unruly, it was all over the place and it had no tune, I just had sounds, now after thousands of years of being played and tinkered with, it has structure and it has tunings that will only sound ordered, if each instrument is played in tune.

Should humans expect to be in tune all the time? Is this expectation a useless requirement that causes stressors that cause emotional and mental illness and injuries?

I feel that the orchestra of the human world cannot be played by hard-set rules, it has to be allowed to be out of tune at times and then, those areas can become the new music that promotes an ascension from where we are, to where we can be.

We are each musicians of different instruments, as we learn what the instrument is that we represent, we become the masters of our own songs and our own music. Doesn’t that thought bring you at least a little peace? For me, it opens a door that can’t be closed unless I allow it to be.

Peace and admiration to all people.


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