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Thinking and the suicidal paradigm.

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Truisms abound in our lives. Those things that are truthful or assumed to be so. We get this right a majority of the time, but we also get it wrong as well. Knowing which is or is not, can be the difference between feeling empowered or feeling totally out of control.


Fears are a necessary part of being a human being, they pull us back from the dangerous situations we may place ourselves into from time to time, or they even warn us before we are even aware of the possibilities that we are entering into a dangerous option.


We need the autonomic sides of our internal selves in order to make up for our inattentiveness, or we’d each be in deep trouble on a regular basis. (“Speaking strictly for myself, I find myself here on a regular basis!”) oftentimes we can see a puddle of water and not think that it may be a lot deeper than I looks to be, jumping in without even dropping a stone into it to test its depth. Maybe some would call this “adventurous” but it is in fact rather less than intelligent to do so all the time.


I have been giving in to my emotions for a long time, and they mostly come in waves of indecisiveness and fear. These two characteristics create an unstable atmosphere for anyone, especially for someone who is already emotionally injured like me, so I tried to find a way to fight against it and develop a way to not succumb to the aspects they were creating inside of me.


One day, I was lost in one of my pity-parties, and it occurred to me that maybe do have the power to take control over some of this. Maybe it’s not the totally lost cause my mind is telling me it is, so I fought back to see if there was a standard of quality that was better than what I had been accepting. And to my surprise, there was!


Thinking itself is the true answer to my issue at least insofar as this one is concerned.


I was thinking about committing suicide so that was thinking. I was thinking about how I couldn’t take the pain anymore so that as well as thinking, I started to think that maybe I could think myself into a different frame of mind.


You know I would have to say that I would never have been privileged to the exceptionality of the human mind if I had not taken the time to, first of all, understand my own self, and then secondly to study on what has been written about the mind in the past some of what they put down is useful where at the same time some of it seems to be complete nonsense totally out of touch with the realities of what people are actually going through.


As for myself, I would rather have someone to stand up and say “listen maybe this person is suffering and maybe we need to look into it for this been dividual before it’s too late!”


I would have to adhere as well that I feel that other people feel exactly the same way that they would want someone to stand up for them speak up on there particular cases and have something to lose in the process. far too often the people who are doing all of the talking have nothing to lose as they do the talking they have a standing with the professional Organization and they have nothing else to lose other than a few people who might disagree with what they’re saying at a particular time.


however, it is the individual himself or herself who has everything to lose the safety that they already don’t feel is in even more Jeopardy when they find out that there is no place for them to turn to seek some help or some sort of relief that will be valuable to them.


I believe that it’s time for scientists to look past the data and to look into the fact that they are talking about human beings individual people who have feelings who have thought who had pain who have fears that are real and that they have to look into this as something that is important not only to the individual but to the group of individuals who suffered the same things it is not so cut-and-dry as to say that we can do everything according to what we found in this particular case because each case is in and of itself singular and possibly completely different from every other one.


I would not have wanted my mother to say to me “well, your brother likes spinach so you have to like it!” that wouldn’t make any sense because personally I don’t like spinach, if my brother does, more power to him I don’t even ask him how he can stand to eat spinach. if he likes it he eats it. Where does my point coming to play in order to have him explain to me why he likes something that I don’t?


Individual thinking can cut the Paradigm of suicidal thoughts in half if we use our thinking to assume a position other than that of suicide, but we have to get to that point some of us don’t know how to, while some of us know how but we’re just so damned tired that we don’t try.


How about you?


do you think that you are ready to think your way out of a suicidal position?


do you believe that you have the inner strength of mind to overpower the emotional instructions that are telling you that you cannot do it, that you must give in to the emotional instructions that are saying that you would no longer worth saving and that suicide is the only answer?


each of us as individuals has the power to answer these questions no one else can answer them for us in my case the answer was yes, I can think over with my emotions are telling me to do to myself and I did and that’s why you’re reading this now and I hope in a year from now you’ll be able to read it again.


all my hopes for your emotional Wellness and your wholeness of mind.

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