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I have complex ptsd as a result of childhood sexual abuse. My story is quite odd, as I didn't remember any of the abuse, I went into a Residential Trauma Clinic in the UK as I had severe depression and nearly all the symptoms they mentioned as a result of trauma are ones I suffered from. After 3 weeks there, all these flashbacks hit me as well as physical tics and movements that I couldn't control. Slowly terrible memories of abuse surfaced, starting from a small child. These were carried out by my Grandfather and a group of men he knew. I spent 6 months at the Trauma Clinic and received intensive therapy, most extremely helpful. Since leaving, I've had to lead my own recovery which is frustating and overwhelming at times but I have a great therapist and some supportive friends which helps. I've done a lot of reading about ptsd and how to treat it as well as experiencing some of those treatments myself. I'm really keen to get involved and share what I've learnt with other people as well as connecting with fellow sufferers and learning from them.

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