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I am a husband and a dad of two daughters. My first wife, and the biological mother of my daughters, committed suicide after a 6 year struggle with bipolar disorder. Cindy had served as a police officer for 12 years at the time of her death. I know first hand the devastating impact mental illness can have on a person and their family. I lived it every day for six years while I watched her die slowly and inexorably. I turned to alcohol and struggled with it for many years before finally freeing myself almost two years ago. I'm eternally grateful to my new wife, Tanja, for loving me even when I didn't love myself. I also understand police culture and how it further victimizes it's own members when they are stricken with mental illness. The ostracization and isolation make things worse when people are at their weakest. Instead of treating people like the human beings they are, they are treated as a liability. I am committed to being a strong and relentless voice advocating for the change that we must make happen. What's happening now is morally wrong. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTxEvpbfWa9tYUGtbLmqU1EXIWhFSwCKS

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