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R. 'Doc' Gage Amsler spent most of his life in a hostile environment beginning from his abusive childhood to being alone and homeless at 18yo. He has served in the US military as a Hospital Navy Corpsman and as a Field Combat Medic with 1st Recon LAV, 1st Marine Division, as a Professional Firefighter, and Advanced Trauma and Critical Care Paramedic for private/civil services including Detroit E.M.S., and as a World Wide Professional defense contractor while holding a secret security clearance with the Dept. of State and Dept. of Defense. Doc Gage has seen almost 8 years of war overseas spanning Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has found salvation for his multi-level PTSD, and he has also lost loved ones. R. 'Doc' Gage Amsler now lives near Detroit, Michigan where, after returning home from war, he wrote his true story book entitled 'The Strains of War' (available on Kindle and Amazon) and has also become a strong advocate for the health and welfare of U.S. Military Veterans and anyone suffering from PTSD, as well as the legalization of cannabis for medical treatment.

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