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    PTSDchat Blog

    #PTSDChat Understanding a Moral Injury (Opening Post)

    First time somebody mentioned “moral injury” to me I did a double take.  What’s that then?  There was stunned silence at my...

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    Family & Couples

    Culture of Fear V

    Overstimulation is a fifth way we Americans play into the hands of the terrorists. We love stimulation. We are addicted to stimulation....

  • Veterans

    Heroism and a Different Veteran

      Doing What It Takes, In a Moment, In a Life Today, I move away from combat veterans, but only in a...

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    PTSDchat Blog

    #PTSDChat Making Sense of Depression

    Suffering is what makes us human. It isn’t in our brightest moments that our humanity can be measured but by the depth...

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    #PTSDChat Living with PTSD and the BAGGAGE of WAR

    Sarah Palin is yet one more individual who has stepped in her high heels on the back of men and women who...

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    The Zombies’ Discharge Papers

    Vets. Zombies. Seriously Today it’s vets and zombies. I’m serious. Vets. Zombies. Vets and Zombies. It’s a new world, folks. A new...

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    PTSDchat Blog

    Friendship with PTSD Katie – in Turkey

    Stella loves people.  When she asks a stranger, “How are you?” she actually wants to know, and I suspect that the worse...

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    Desert Sands at 25 Years

    Wars, Blogs, Lives Podcast of Blog Entry:   Twenty-five years ago, on January 16, 1991 (US time), Operation Desert Storm began, with...

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    One Brave Voice

    Not Politics, But Truth Listen to Podcast of Blog Entry: https://ptsdandcombat.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/016-one-brave-voice.mp3   In the January 23, 2016 New York Times, an op-ed...

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    Family & Couples

    Culture of Fear IV

    When my three boys were small, say before the ages of eight or ten, I often heard the following phrases:   “I...

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    PTSDchat Blog

    #PTSDChat – How ABUSE impacts our Mind/Soul/Body

    It seems obvious to me that as a society we simply have to stop abusing our children. But to do so would...

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    Family & Couples

    Culture of Fear III

    "I wanna talk about me, I wanna talk about I, I wanna talk about number #1, oh me oh my.” Did you...

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    PTSDchat Blog


    One of the many ways PTSD affects those afflicted with this horrendous injury is the complete annihilation of their “raison d’être”.  Simply...

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    Introspective Art

    A Journey into an Artist’s Soul

    Forged in the fires of hell. Paul is perhaps the one person on this earth who understands me in a way nobody...

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    Family & Couples

    Culture of Fear II

    Culture of Fear II We have all seen movies where the smug, entitled rich kid demeans and looks down on the less...

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    PTSDchat Blog

    #PTSDChat A History and Where Now?

    In December 2014 I decided it was time to see if I could become a full-time artist and mental health advocate, a...

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    #PTSDChat : Self Proxy

    My Dad is upset that I have on occassion portrayed him as a fascist, racist, on occassion brutal man who has the...

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    PTSDchat Blog

    #PTSDChat – What is it like to LIVE with PTSD?

    POTUS yesterday kicked Mental Health (MH) Advocacy back a century.  In one quick press conference he itemized a system of reporting and...

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    Family & Couples

    Culture of Fear I

    What do fear, smugness, self-centeredness, irresponsibility and overstimulation have in common? These are five characteristics of contemporary American culture. We Americans live...

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    Family & Couples

    The Gift of Giving Guide 4

    ATTENTION, ACCEPTANCE, APPRECIATION.  What is left for the fourth A? Is there something else that begins with “A” which makes for a...

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