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Duty of Care: Psychological Injury in Policing Kindle Ed
$5.41 (CDN)

by Claire McDowall

Written by the wife of a long serving Police Officer, the author witnessed first hand the effects of PTSD on her husband and it’s impact on the family as a whole. This book tells some of that story, of the daily life of a PTSD sufferer, the two year battle with her husbands’ force to get them to accept their responsibilities and offers constructive advice on how to survive.

Inside the reader will be offered real world advice on how to potentially spot the onset of PTSD, how to seek help and most importantly how to advocate for oneself when dealing with the Constabulary who is responsible for duty of care.

The book offers a positive perception of PTSD and through the authors’ personal experience and research seeks to offer useful help and guidance to other sufferers and their families.

Police Culture and organizational factors which impact on psychological health are explored. The author offers advice and guidance to Constabularies on strategies to reduce levels of sickness absence, improve levels of commitment to the organisation and its’ goals, increase effectiveness and safeguard their greatest asset (the men and women serving our communities).


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