6/1/16 PTSD and the Workplace: Signs of PTSD and How to Help | #PTSDchat

6/1/16 PTSD and the Workplace: Signs of PTSD and How to Help

#PTSDchat PTSD Forum PTSD and the Workplace – June 1/16 – Host: Charlie Heflin 6/1/16 PTSD and the Workplace: Signs of PTSD and How to Help

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    Sue Wood
    Sue Wood

    For this week’s continuation of the radio show/chat, let’s make a list of signs that could indicate that someone could be suffering from stress/anxiety/PTSD, and ways to help them. If you know the signs, you are better able to help those who may be suffering. Don’t be afraid to ask if someone is in pain. Just be sure to wait for the real answer!

    Avoiding conversations – If someone doesn’t want to intereact in conversations, especially if (s)he has a pattern of being talkative, something may be starting to go wrong. Showing support and genuine concern at this time, and thereafter, while not pushing someone to talk or ganging up on them as a group, is one of the kindest and most beneficial ways to be of use.

    Please contribute your “signs of PTSD” and “ways to help” to this list, and feel free to add your commentary about existing posts. We look forward to the continued discussion!

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    Shane Schulz

    It was such an Awesome show last night as we talked about “Workplace PTSD” where we were fortunate to have 5 representatives of the Public Safety field! From Fireman, to Emergency Medical Services and Law Enforcement professionals who also are very qualified and influential in the behavior health realm as well!

    It’s all about the eyes!

    So let’s talk about some signs of PTSD. There are the obvious ones that are sometimes the most subtle to be missed. One that I want to bring to the front of our awareness is how someones eyes might be reacting. Now one of the reasons why PTSD is so difficult to catch at times is because the symptoms can be truly be custom to the individual.

    So what do we look for?

    Well for instance you could have someone who is noticeably withdrawn; In this case you may find the eyes to be lowered and very non engaged. Then again someone who is very active and to the point of almost hyper may have their eyes be erratic back and forth and almost incapable of focusing for any length of time.

    So as you can see the symptoms can be so subtle that if you are not making a dedicated effort to watch every little thing they could easily be missed. That is the news that no one wants to hear.

    Subtle vs Subtle

    The Good news is …I have a just as subtle thought that may help with symptoms of PTSD.
    Do you have a glass of water? That’s right… Not soda , not koolaid (Yes I know its Cool to drink Koolaid!) but seriously WATER! Remember we are going subtle vs subtle here.

    Take a large glass of water and take a continuous smooth intake while closing (Yep you guessed it!) Your eyes!

    Here is the reason why ….as you close your eyes you actually are breaking the cycle of your symptoms! Then with the continuous slow intake you are conditioning your mindset to understand that for this very moment you are not needed to be in survival mode!

    Now I’m not going to say that this works every time but I can tell you that it has helped me personally while I have been in the middle of my symptoms and as a life improvement coach it has had numerous others who I help make it through what used to be a terrifying cycle!….Yes WATER!!

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