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Is mindfulness simply being aware of the problem?

#PTSDchat PTSD Forum PTSD and Mindfulness – June 15/16 – Host: Dr. Debra Lindh Is mindfulness simply being aware of the problem?

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    For years I knew that something was not quite right with me, I just didn’t realize that it might be tied to events I had long since forgotten.
    The minimum level was the degree of its intrusion into my life, which made it easy disallow myself to get close to anyone, even my parents. I felt like I was safer staying away from contact.
    But even now; post-diagnosis I seem to be searching for a way to comprehend all of this. I don’t really know if I can access the sequences of events in this puzzle, but I am willing to try.
    I am processing the foreverness of this storm which suddenly became very much a part of my life.

    I want to understand how this affects my family and my friends, but I’m still tripping over my own confusion. I need help with this because I don;t know how to help my loved ones; as for me, I’m dealing with it, and other issues, all together, the dust is on my mantle, I will probably never get it cleaned off again.

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