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About #PTSDchat

It’s time for #PTSDChat to move away from being a one man show (The Kate Show) and into a world of inclusion where anybody from any walk of life can find another who is a little further ahead in their journey, who can say “Hey, I got you …I know you …let’s walk together for a while”.  

A place free of judgement. Free of agendas.  Open to new ideas.  Kindness.  Support.  Friendship.  Resources.

What is the #PTSDchat?

The #PTSDchat is a weekly Twitter chat focused around discussions on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and happens every Wednesday at 6pm PST | 9 pm EST | 12am UTC time.

Each chat has a specific theme, ie: PTSD and Depression; PTSD Resources; and we often have a PTSD professional to host the chat and offer knowledge and guidance to our participants. Chat contributors can ask the host questions to help them with their PTSD.

Throughout the chat we also release several questions around the chat topic to help guide the conversation. We encourage contributors to answer the questions and to ask their own. The chat is an opportunity to learn, connect, and share, building a strong community of people with PTSD around the globe.


How do I participate in the  #PTSDchat?

To join the weekly #PTSDchat, head over to Twitter and make a Twitter account. Once you have an account, search #PTSDchat in the Twitter search bar located in the top right corner. Then view the #PTSDchat feed in either Top or Live, view. When participating in the Wednesday night chat, you will want to view the chat in LIVE view to see the latest tweets.

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How to join the #PTSDchat

We also recommend signing up for the weekly #PTSDchat reminder emails that come out every Friday. This newsletter announces the chat topic and features the chat hosts, as well as, any #PTSDchat news and other updates.

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Are you worried about Privacy?

Twitter is 100% private. Use an alias for your Twitter handle and name and use photographs that don’t include your face for your profile and Twitter banner. If you already have a Twitter account all these things can easily be changed. 

Update your Twitter handle and name in your Twitter settings and change your images by pressing the Edit Profile button on your profile home page.


When was the #PTSDchat Curated?

The first #PTSDchat happened on May 27th, 2015 and there has been one every week since then. It was started by Kate Gillie of Kate Gillie Art in collaboration with Rebecca Kerswell of WHOA! IS MEDIA to help break the stigma behind PTSD. 

Why does Kate care about people with PTSD? Becuase she too has PTSD since childhood. You can read her story here: About Kate

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The #PTSDchat was founded in May 2015 to create a safe place for people with PTSD to get peer support.

The weekly Twitter #PTSDchat is now the fastest growing online PTSD support community in the world

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