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LJ Astoria

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About Me

I was born and raised in New York, the youngest of 5. I grew up in pure dysfunction, as my therapist put it I was raised “feral”. I have been through many traumas over the course of my lifetime and I have Complex PTSD. My Grandma has been my World and was the only person that gave me happy childhood memories I can hold on to.   I am now a wife and Mommy, I have the most supportive husband and children ever! I am an extreme dog lover, and I spent a lot of time in nature with my family it’s the most therapeutic. I am very introverted and communicate best through forms of social media. I am very selfless and will give all I have to help others. I appreciate every moment I have even through my battle with PTSD because I am still here. I am reaching out to others to help stop the stigma of all forms of PTSD.

My PTSD Story

My PTSD story began at age 4, at least that the age I remember going through trauma but it may have been even younger. I have battled PTSD symptoms ALL my life. Of the course of my life some of the major traumas I have endured are: Childhood sexual abuse, neglect and torture..In my later years I went through 9/11, being held against my will and raped for a month, the suicide of my brother that had PTSD, the loss of another one of my brothers via accidental overdose. It has been a 33 year battle living with Complex PTSD. I have done a lot of research on my own and discovered things to help heal a bit. I was told in February 2016 my PTSD was “gone” but according to my psychiatrist the PTSD went into remission for a few weeks, only to return again full force. I currently go for EMDR which has been the most effective form of treatment for me. I am on a combo of medications that help alleviate symptoms. I have very bad dissociation which causes me to forget things often, even where I am at times. It takes a lot of patience to know me