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UPCOMING #PTSDchats – Would you like to Post to our blog or Host one of the following upcoming #PTSDchats?

June 29 – Personal Space

July 6 – Post-Traumatic Growth with Lecky Harrison
July 13 – Toxic Relationships
July 20 – Cancer & PTSD – Beth Grainer to host
July 27 – PTSD Treatment Options
August 3 – Positive outlets for my PTSD



Contribute a blog that compliments next week’s #PTSDchat topic. You might change the lives of thousands of people who read your article.

Sharing your article at #PTSDchat would give exposure to you, and to your website or blog.
You get credit for the article with a short bio and a link or two to your website or blog.

Writing Requirements

  • Articles no shorter than 500 words, and no longer than 2000 words.
  • Relevance is important. All articles should be related to PTSD: self-improvement, positive thinking, motivation, or improving one’s life. You can have an idea of the topics, by pointing your cursor to the menu at the top of the page.
  • The articles should be well-written, without typos or errors.
  • Original articles that you wrote, and which do not appear on other websites.
  • Articles with practical information, guidance, advice and tips will be favored.
  • We reserve the right to edit content if we deem it necessary.
  • Please note that we do not pay for the articles, but we add a short bio at the bottom of the article, where you may add a link or two to your website.
  • No links allowed within the body of the article.
  • Promotional articles/posts and affiliate links will not be accepted.


Site Authors – Post yourself no sooner than the Thursday following the previous week’s topic.

Non-site Authors – email it to [email protected]



If you are an expert or professional in the field of PTSD and fell that you can offer knowledge and guidance in one of our upcoming #PTSDchats then please contact us at [email protected] to schedule.

What we expect:

  • Contribute 1 or more blogs to which will be featured as the Main Post on the homepage
  • Draft an introduction to the topic and reason for hosting for the PTSDchat newsletter
  • Curate 5 questions around the topic to help guide the #PTSDchat
  • Share your involvement with the chat to your own network
  • Attend the #PTSDchat on Twitter and engage with #PTSDchat attendees
  • Offer a testimonial post #PTSDchat to be listed on the website


Thank you,

Kate Gillie



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The #PTSDchat was founded in May 2015 to create a safe place for people with PTSD to get peer support.

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