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June 8th, 2016 – SurviveThrivePTSD.com

Featuring: Steve Sparks, Author

TOPIC: “PTSD & Family: Advice for our Loved Ones.”

Testimonial – “Hosting the weekly #ptsdchat BlogTalkRadio with Kate was a great opportunity to be engaged with our peer group more directly. The Ptsdchat.org team provided good support in the preparation.  Following my first experience hosting the radio show, I’m looking forward to hosting again when the right topic is on the schedule.  I would like to see more focus on children and families going forward as well.  My blog post contributions will create follow up topics and more in-depth conversation.  I really enjoyed co-hosting with Kate Gallie.” – Steve Sparks – Author, Blogger – SurviveThrivePTSD.com

PTSD and Family






March 30th, 2016 – HER Foundation

Featuring: Dr. Jennifer Primmer

TOPIC: “Understanding PTSS & its relationship to H.G”

Testimonial – “We were very pleased with the positive response as well. Thank you for allowing us to participate. I think we were able to educate a whole new audience of people. We are always amazed by the impact of educating just a few people.” – Kimber MacGibbon – Director of Education & Research – HER Foundation







February 17th, 2016 – CBD Education Services LLC

Featuring: Ben Rediger; C.E.O.

TOPIC: “PTSD and Medical Cannabis”

PTSD and Cannabis


February 10th, 2016 –  The Mindful Effect  

Featuring: Dr. Debra Lindh

TOPIC: “Love and PTSD”

Testimonial – Kate Gillie and the #PTSDChat is a portal for all things PTSD. Kate’s energy and passion shows through with each and every chat.  Her dedication and commitment is well-known throughout the PTSD community. – Dr. Deb Lindh, PTSD Survivor-Advocate, Mindful Effect

PTSDchat - PTSD and Love

January 21st and 27th, 2016 – Healthy Minds Canada @Healthy_Minds 

Featuring: Anita Levesque

Testimonial – “I felt the chat went very well.  I was nervous but everything came naturally.  So many tweets, but tons of responses to everything. People asked me questions, I responded.  I responded to others’ when they posted their stories/experiences and exchanged advice, ideas, encouragement. I want to thank you and Kate, so much, for this experience.  It helped me more than I thought and I know I helped others,  Thanks, Anita Levesque, Healthy Minds Canada”

TOPIC: “PTSD and Depression”                                    


 TOPIC: “PTSD and Abuse”






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