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About Me

Shane Schulz is a Health Advocate, Inspirational Speaker, and  a Life Improvement Coach who  is  well  known  for  utilizing  his  experiences,  strengths  and  desire  to  help  others. As a featured speaker, Shane’s positive down to Earth  approach  supports,  empowers  and motivates his audience to find new heights in their value to themselves and to others.

Shane has an extensive  background  as  a  trainer  and  consultant  in  process management. However in 2011 he was  diagnosed with chronic clinical depression and post‐traumatic stress disorder, along with other health-related challenges. As a result, Shane has now dedicated  his purpose in his life to help others navigate the challenges and struggles he knows all too well.

Over and over audiences are captivated by Shane’s courage and transparency.  Utilizing his  inner  battles  and  vulnerabilities  as  a  strength,  Shane  applies  his  voice  to empower and motivate both patients and their supporters in the fight against  mental  health  and  other  debilitating  conditions.

Professional Career

While revealing  such  concepts  as  “Water on a Grease Fire” and “Suspension of Disbelief” he has brought to light  the fight against these illnesses and conditions from a patient’s point of view and has brought a much-needed awareness with all his efforts!

Shane  is also  the  author  of  his  up  and  coming  book  titled  “Strength  from  My  Struggles Within”, a bibliography of sorts where his writings and experiences are  used to describe in depth of his battles with PTSD, codependency, clinical  depression, and suicidality and how they all contributed to the  perfect storm within.

Other writings of his include “I Want My Money Back” and he is best known for the motivational piece  “Arisen Strength” of which he turned in to a concept for a weekly podcast with its pillars as Support, Empower, and Celebrate so to lead his audience to pursue the passions of life again!

Shane is the proprietor of “Serenely Speaking” and The Speaking to the Heart Radio Network which allows him to use his significant internet presence to provide a much-needed platform to help others live a life outside of their physical and or mental challenges

Each show on his network is used to provide proof that Life is Worth Living and gives that proof from a number of different angles be it Physical Fitness, Motivation, Nutrition, Alternative Remedies and Overall Wellness through the mindset we have.

How I first got involved with the #PTSDchat

In Speaking of #PTSDchat as a featured blogger on; Shane has accepted a larger role as the Public Relations Executive as well as the Host Manager so to promote awareness concerning PTSD and C-PTSD to a whole new standard!

My role in the future of the #PTSDchat

Just recently Shane developed a show that brings support and awareness to the condition of PTSD and C-PTSD. By having guests from all walks of life and communicating with the weekly Twitter stream chat #PTSDChat he plans on bringing the darkness of these conditions in to the light so that more can understand and support!

Contact Shane

To contact Shane to request to host #PTSDchat or be on the PTSD Chat show on the Speaking to the Heart Network you can email him at  [email protected].

We also would love to hear feedback from our members and audience!

Let us know how we are doing! 

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